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With 35+ years of working in Holistic Human Development and the Foundation of Human Happiness; Business and Life coaching; Counselling in the areas of Stress and Anxiety; and Corporate and Business Counselling for Management of work place Stress and Communication. With tools for Holistic Healing such as Meditation, Yoga, Equine Facilitated Coaching, Crystal Healing and reading in the Akashic Records, I believe I possess a unique skill set to offer guidance and assistance to find Your Happy place.

Adding to the already vast experience I have in Holistic Human development and Human Happiness, sharing my skills and knowledge I offer this blog with many options to assist you in finding and developing Happiness in your situation no matter what that currently is.

My ability to facilitate healing programs through my own experiences, and that of the many other professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, has allowed me to develop a powerful style of coaching that challenges us on all levels to be the best we can be. It empowers and encourages us to build confidence and grow, taking our lives both personally and in business to the next level. Check out our Courses that have helped 1000's to grow and can help you too.

My courses are not religious based and are suited to all cultural backgrounds.

I look forward to guiding you on your new and exciting journey to Happiness.

My Testimonials

People i've worked with

I finished The Meditation Teacher course, I really enjoyed the course. The amount of time, information, exercises was beyond my expectations. The course is very rich and Julie is truly a wonderful instructor.

I highly recommend it.

Marwa Nasr El-Din

Marwa Nasr El-Din

The Meditation Teacher training course and its content was a great experience. The support and feedback from Julie Jenkins was appreciated and warmly welcomed. Some of her observations are invaluable and will always stay with me.

Paula Rowe

Paula Rowe

“I ‘m looking forward to where this course will take me to in the future​”

This course was informative, easy to understand and comprehensive. The information was relative and adaptable to fit any number of situations and circumstances. Julie was excellent to deal with and very supportive and encouraging. I’m looking forward to where this course will take me in the future

Toni Van Rooyan

Toni Van Rooyan

“They go above and beyond to answer any questions you have”

I have taken several classes and all are wonderful. They are informative, extremely detailed and easy to follow along with. They go above and beyond to answer any question you have and guide you along the way if you need assistance. The classes are very easy to understand and you can go at your own pace so there is never any pressure. They provide all the material you need and often include bonus material which is very helpful. Their videos are incredible and I could listen to Julie all day long. They also offer great deals on their classes. I highly recommend their Centre.

Elaine DeJoy

Elaine DeJoy

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